If a Project doesn't appear in the expense report Purpose screen, check the following:

  1. Is there an assignment to the project?

  2. Tasks are required on the project but there are no tasks

  3. Assignment dates are outside of charging date

  4. Person moved the project from the right to left columns in the My Projects area  

  5. Project is enforcing project/task dates (Project Budget tab setting "Enforce Project/Task dates" is checked), and the date of charge is outside the project/task dates (even if inside the assignment dates)

  6. Is the project/task active?

  7. Does the Project Expense tab allow Expense charges?

  8. What is the Completed date of the Project on the Project Budget tab?  (Charges after that date will not be allowed.)
  9. If the "Use Financial Orgs" property is turned on: Compare the project Owning Org's Financial tab to the Person Org's Financial tab and confirm they are under the same Legal Entity.

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