The 1099-MISC related features in Unanet include the following:

  1. Account Payable System Property, "Enable 1099 Functionality": Enables or hides 1099-related functions in Unanet
  2. Account level 1099 Categories: Determines in which 1099 box payment amount should be included.  If not specified, the amount won't be included in the 1099
  3. Payment Method "Include in 1099" flag: Determines whether a payment document is eligible to be included in a 1099
  4. Organization 1099 tab: Records 1099 information for the Organization
  5. 1099 Vendor Payment Export: Exports 1099-MISC related payments for the selected payment document date range

Vendor Payments may be subject to 1099-MISC reporting as detailed in the IRS' Instructions for Form 1099.  The most common (although not the only) requirement for Unanet customers is that they report compensation amounts paid to non-employees who are not paid through a corporation.  Note that whether or not to include a vendor payment in a particular 1099 is based upon when the payment is made (the vendor payment document date), not when the work is done or the payment is posted.

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