This document addresses Unanet systems that are already in existence at the moment when you decide to enter historical revenue/cost data.  This document is not designed for new Unanet implementations, but meaningful pieces may be gleaned from it for new implementations.  In this document, various methodologies for establishing accurate Revenue and cost dollars will be identified based on contract type.  While additional options may be available, this document will outline the recommended process for each contract type.  This is considered an advanced topic, so please contact your Unanet Consultant or Customer Success Manager for questions or concerns. Additional knowledge center information for Historical Data can be found here.

Key considerations when evaluating which approach to use include how you plan to report on the data once it is loaded into Unanet. The more detailed reporting requirements, the more time will be required to align the right solution to your reporting needs. Even if details are not required, you may consider using the guidance below by fiscal year to allow correct FY reporting. Consider how you will use report data and how much detailed data is required to successfully manage project performance (e.g. if the contract term has ended, no data may be required or summary level data may be sufficient).

What’s covered in this document:

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