The Unanet 10.1 release includes capabilities for 1099 processing and a number of other items requested by customers.

This webinar describes and demonstrates these enhancements: 

• 1099 Processing – Unanet Financials users can enable 1099 functionality and export data to third-party 1099 processors
• Mobile Timesheet – web browser access to Unanet time entry, optimized for small devices (will be made available in a 10.1 point release)
• Show and filter by project leads in reports
• Percent complete field accepts 3 decimal places
• TITO Start/Stop buttons on timesheet
• Customer Payment Unpost
• Pre-Defined Adjustment Reasons for Timesheet Adjustments
• Enhancement to Journal Details Report to provide a Posted to GL indicator and provide search capability to ‘Include Transactions posted to GL’ or ‘Include Transactions not posted to GL’.
• Modify OCONUS per diem calculations to include tax amount

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