If you are attempting to update the budget fields in the  Project or Task Budget tab, but find the squares greyed out and non-editable, you should ensure the following are true:

  1. You are assigned as both a "Project Manager" and "Bill Rate Manager" in your Person Profile, Roles tab
  2. You have access to the project:
    1. You are designated as the Project Manager or Alternate PM, through the Project Administrators tab (See figure 2.a below) OR
    2. You have PM access to all Projects or all Projects under a certain group via Org. Access (See figure 2.b below)
  3. The property setting for 'Allow Bill Rate Edit' is turned ON. To find this go to Admin > Properties > 'Unanet' > 'Access/Permissions' > 'Allow Bill Rate Edit' and ensure the box is checked.

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