With this resource management approach in Unanet, an initial plan represents the project resource plan "as bid" or as initially planned to meet project cost, profit and revenue targets. Once the initial plan is created, resource assignments/budgets are made using the plan. Then as contract modifications, project deliverables, resource changes or other changes occur over the term of the contract/project, Unanet resource budgets are updated to reflect a current "working budget". At any time in the contract/project term, Project and Resource managers can compare the current budget and actuals to the initial plan.

Relevant metrics include:

  • Project profitability
  • Resource utilization
  • Billable revenue per billable resource
  • Project or Task completion dates, target completion dates, elapsed time
  • Project or Task labor and expense budgets, burn rate on those values
  • Resource availability
  • Plan vs. Budget vs. Actual - Hours, Costs, Revenue

What’s covered in this document:

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