The purpose of this function is to provide the ability for timesheet users to have partial-week timesheets to accommodate end-of-the-month/quarter/year cut offs for timekeeping, reporting and billing purposes.  Note that this is not required if you are using Unanet Billing, since the Billing process allows you to specify a billing "through" date, separate from the time sheet period.  You might, however, still elect to do a custom/stub time period if you want to process time sooner for billing purposes.  For example: if your weekly period was Saturday March 29 - Friday April 4, and you didn't want to wait until April 4 to bill for the end of March.  In that case, you could create a stub timesheet that ran Saturday March 29 - Monday March 31, and process (submit/approve) those timesheets early in the week instead of waiting until the following week.

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