The term Organization is used in Unanet to represent a number of similar but distinct foundational elements. An Organization can represent your organizational tree including corporate entities such as business units, divisions, departments, groups, and subgroups.  It can represent your customers (those whom you are charging for your goods and services) and your vendors (those whom you are paying for their goods and services). All organizations whether internal (people organizations or project owning organizations) or external (customer/project/vendor organizations) are managed in a single list.  These are organized through the creation of a hierarchy and by setting their Organization Type. For example, internal organizations such as business units, divisions, and departments may all reside under the same organizational tree and have a common Organization Type of INTERNAL. Customers may all live under an organizational tree called CUSTOMERS and have a common Organization Type. The example below demonstrates the concept of Unanet organizations for a company called ACME. A key concept to remember is that all of these organizations are managed in the same set of screens in Unanet.

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